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Client Testimonials


Client Reviews & Testimonials

Aging with confidence!

"I have been going to Total Medi Spa since spring of 2014, when, at 45 and during a tough time in my life, I realized I looked nearly as haggard as I felt. I had heard about Venus Freeze as a non-invasive tightening method and had excellent results, thanks to Robin's kind and efficient attention. It doesn't hurt at all - it's very pleasant, actually, reasonably priced and the result is very natural. After a series of 6, people often commented that I looked fabulous but couldn't pinpoint the difference.

More recently I moved out of state and come back every 4 months for Venus maintenance. Last time I came in, the Venus Legacy machine was down, so Robin gave me an excellent deal on Thermage. I couldn't really take much, but even at a level 1.5-3 (out of 10, I think), my neck and chin look much tighter (I can see it particularly in a black turtleneck or a lower cut neckline). Again, people have commented that my skin looks beautiful but they don't know why. With Total Medi Spa, I have never walked out looking like a creepy 30-something frozen in time, but like a beautiful and well-kept now-46 year old woman (OK, maybe a few years younger :-)

Meanwhile, I also had Dysport in my forehead and a few fillers under my lips at Total Medi Spa; they look very natural but take away that crumpled, crepe visage. Robin is a true pro, she is friendly and knowledgeable and she clearly loves what she does. I think it gives her great joy to see people leave her office looking youthful and confident and feeling good about themselves. It has been a pleasure to work with her and her crew; I will be back for the Venus treatments and would do Thermage again too, but with painkillers. Thanks for all you do, Robin!"

Azure Neeba, Olympia, WA

Laser skincare with complete confidence!
"I put myself in the capable, competent hands of Robin Morton RN, MSN, PhD and the staff at Total Medi Spa in Salem Oregon to help me with my anti-aging concerns. My treatment plan included a consultation with medical director and surgeon Dann Leonard MD though I elected to go with a non-surgical approach.

I had two treatments about six months apart and was amazed with the immediate results, as well the cumulative end results. Four months later during my visit to the DMV to renew my 8 year old expiring license I received another small boost to my confidence. After several minutes of looking back and forth between me and his computer screen the DMV clerk/photographer announced to me that the recognition software would not except me as the individual on my own expiring license. Fortunately by producing my birth certificate and the supervisorís aid to override the recognition software I left the DMV with my new license.

Do you want to look younger? Get rid of a turkey neck, jowls or banish fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. It may be worth the 20 minute inconvenience at the DMV. Best of all, looking younger makes me feel younger, too!" - Terri

Laser treatment for Actinic Keratosis spots!
"As we get older we have things that grow on our skin that we don't want! Robin explained that the flat but raised areas of rough flesh-colored spots are called Actinic keratosis (AK) which are lesions that forms on sun-damaged skin. The lesions are small scaly patches on parts of the body, such as the face, ears, bald scalp, arms, and hands, which have been chronically exposed to the sun.

Years ago I had two cut off by a doctor, and was distressed that it left scarring.  I had developed a large AK at my temple and Robin addressed it with laser treatment. It puffed up and got dark and a bit hard, and months went by. I thought well, it's too big and tough for laser treatment, so I had made an appointment to go get it cut off at the dermatologists.  About a week before I was schedule to go have the AK cut off, it started itching, and as I rubbed it, bits of it crumbled off!  Within another week, the AK had completely crumbled away and left no scarring!  I am just thrilled and will go have more of the AK spots treated by laser at Laser Skin Care and Body Shaping! Robin Morton knows what she's doing and she's a lovely human being." - Barbara C. Salem, Oregon

Laser Treatments work well for sun-damaged skin
"I have had the privilege of trusting Robin Morton with laser skin treatments on my face. Having lived most of my life in sun-drenched So. California, I had sun damage that was unsightly and I am absolutely thrilled with how my face looks now!  Robin Morton is so well-educated, very focused, precise, and reassuring.  The laser skin care treatments are so affordable and the caring staff makes it all a completely wonderful experience." - BAC

Robin Morton, an expert in laser skin care
"I have known Robin Morton for several years and I would like to say I find her business to be first class! Robin is the most caring person for her clients. Robin is the only person I would trust my skin with. With over 30 years of experience, she has knowledge and experience with all types of skin issues and techniques to fix skin problems. Robin takes the time to explain anything you want to know. I have had several treatments and have so many compliments on how great I look. You can trust Robin Morton to help you look and feel great! - Donna Wolfe

Aging beautifully with laser skin care!
"When I first started this process, I just wanted to get the deep lines between my eyes softened. That worked so well that I have had several other areas treated, too. I definitely won't look 70 years old on my next birthday! Thank you SO much!" SH

A loyal client for life
"I would never go anywhere else for laser skin care services! I trust you and I have never been let down. You always make me feel better about myself!" - DD

Ten years younger looking!
"I used to look my age and had lots of crinkly wrinkles starting on my face, but it's so smooth now and you made me look around 10 years younger after just a few visits!" - BB

A great way to eliminate deep lines and wrinkles
"Finally the corners of my mouth are not going down anymore.....and the lines between my brows are not there to make me look mad." - RD

Large pores fixed!
"You fixed my big pores.... and I am so happy with the results which makes my nose looks so much better. My sun spots are not there anymore, and my acne scars have been reduced to almost nothing!" - TW

An affordable laser skin care treatment in Salem!
"I've been amazed not only by the results, but also by how affordable your services are, and not especially difficult to have done. I'm just absolutely thrilled and think everyone should do what they can to make themselves feel better about how they look. Nutrition and supplements are a huge part of feeling better, too. Thank you so much Robin. It is wonderful to know you as a friend first, because I know what high integrity you work with. It is obvious that you love helping people in this way and you have a natural way of making it all fun and easy!"  BC

Acne treatment proved 'amazing' using the Galvanic skin device we have available for treatments or purchase for home use
"I expected small results, nothing major as I'm still pretty young and don't have much in the way of fine lines or wrinkles. I do however have mild/moderate acne, and was curious to see if I would get any results for it. After completing the treatment, I was completely shocked to realize that the acne blemishes and bumps that I'd had pre-treatment, were literally gone in just over the 10 minutes it took to finish the treatment. I've used multiple acne systems in the past including Proactive, and had nowhere near this great of a result. Not only was the acne gone, there was a visible lift to my face, and my skin looked healthy and vibrant. I totally and completely stand by the results of this system, not only for anti-aging, but for acne as well. It's truly amazing!"  Brittany Steinfeldt

Body Shaping & Nutritional Product Testimonials

More energy and vitality!

"I have been on Vitality for 3 weeks. The first thing I noticed was that my stamina increased and my vision became very sharp and clear. I have MS, multiple sclerosis, and fatigue can be a very big problem. I have more energy than I have ever had and am able to workout longer and harder with my trainers. They are very impressed with my strength and endurance. The most significant result is in my right leg and right hand. I have not been able to hold with or use my right hand in 7 years and now I am using it more and am actually able to hold objects! My walking has also improved. Overall, I am feeling great." BB

More than enough energy now!
"That vitality supplement you suggested is the best thing I ever tried! I have so much good energy, not like a coffee high, but a feeling of well-being, like I can keep going and do what I need to do." - DM



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