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Fraxel Laser Info

The Fraxel Experience

The Fraxel laser treatment experience starts with a consult that will help you to understand just what happens before, during, and after this amazing experience. We will take some before pictures of you. A short video will show you the treatment being performed. It will describe what happens to your skin on a cellular level, and how you will feel right after the treatment. You will also hear people’s opinions of their treatment first hand.

The Fraxel laser is capable of providing improvement for the following conditions:

•  Wrinkles
•  Saggy skin
•  Scars
•  Sun damage
•  Uneven skin
•  Aged skin
•  Dull skin
•  Mottled skin

What The Fraxel Laser Will Do For You

Fraxel laser treatments not only improve the look of your skin, but it will improve the health of your skin and the strength of your skin by encouraging collagen turn over and proliferation. Your skin will become more like it was in your earlier years, and after about a month, it will feel better when touched.

The experience of having a Fraxel laser treatments will improve your life by helping you to realize that you can actually have more control over how you feel about your looks and how healthy your skin can be. Having healthier skin will help you to avert severity of future problems that could occur from exposure to the environment. Your skin will feel and look softer and younger.

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Your skin will look and feel smoother and younger with a minimal recovery time. Fraxel laser treatments are the best
way to easily help you
achieve the look you desire!

Fraxel Laser FAQ's
Prior to your treatment you will be required to refrain from certain activities such as sun bathing, usage of retinol products or topical cortisone, and excessive exfoliation. You will apply a special set of products to your face available at our office.

Directly after your treatment you will be required to go through a special cooling process with a device called the “zimmer”. This zimmer will help your skin to maintain a safe temperature while it adjusts to the treatment that it just experienced. Because the Fraxel Laser treatment involves many beams of light that penetrate the skin, it is different from other modes of laser treatments. The action of the tiny light sources stimulates larger areas of skin in a very uniform fashion, thus providing an even look to the skin right after treatment. You may experience some swelling directly after the treatment that can be managed with a cold pack applied to the skin for short intervals the first day.

The first four days will be the most important days for application of the after care products advised by your treatment specialist. These products are available for purchase in our office and are necessary for the proper progression of the treatment results. You will come to the office for a follow up in one month, where another set of pictures will be taken to compare your results. Call for your Fraxel Laser treatment!

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